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Frank Albers, Düsseldorf, Germany, Director of Albers Food

“When it comes to cooking high-end steaks, many people get nervous. With SteakChamp we can guarantee our customers to succeed.”


Ben Bartlett, Bristol, UK, President British BBQ Association and author of the Haynes BBQ Manual

“SteakChamp is one of my favourite BBQ gadgets and takes the fear out of cooking a steak perfectly every time!”


Guido Cardenas, New York City, head chef, SPARKS steak house

“I tested SteakChamp at Sparks steak house and the result was a perfect medium rare steak.”


Rich Ciota, Chicago, IL, USA, Executive Chef, Gene & Georgetti, Steakhouse

“Now with SteakChamp the Barbecue Weekend warriors can cook steaks like a professional.”


Joachim Eisenberger, Meerbusch, Germany, Chef at BOS FOOD

“Finally no more stress at home, everyone gets “his or her steak”, thanks to SteakChamp! The new reliable kitchen-champ!


Christoph “Goli” Gollenz, Austria, World Grill & BBQ Champion 2011

“I use SteakChamp in my BBQ classes, it produces perfect steaks. No matter whether you work with charcoal or gas, the degree of doneness is always perfect.”


Marko Huth, Munich, Germany, Director of “Zum goldenen Kalb”, Steakhouse

“For several months we have tested SteakChamp in our kitchen on the charcoal grill. The results were very convincing.”


Ralf Jakumeit, Stuttgart, Germany, Rocking Chef, Celebrity Cook

“Perfectly cooked steak without paying much attention.”


Wayne Lohman, Germantown, TN, USA, KCBS Board Director, Certified KCBS Judge Instructor

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results and I appreciated the compliments from our dinner guests. The SteakChamp will be an excellent gift for our son.”


Stefan Marquard, Munich, Germany, Celebrity Cook

“It has never been so easy to cook a steak! Whether bloody, medium or well done – the SteakChamp determines the degree of doneness and guarantees the desired result.”


Stephan Otto, Heinsberg, Germany, Director of Otto-Gourmet

“The degrees of doneness works perfectly. An awesome tool.”


Erwin Peters, Moscow, Russia, Executive Head Chef, El Gaucho Steakhouse

“We sell the SteakChamp in our steak restaurant. This way, my customers can prepare a perfect steak at home, too.”


Ted Reader, Toronto, Canada, Chef, BBQ Expert & Author

“I had truly tested this steak thermometer and it works. It’s accurate. It tells true. This grilling tool really impressed me.”


Andreas Rummel, Neustadt, Germany, Chef de Grill & Barbecue Expert

“At first I was skeptical. I thought: ‘Another technical gimmick no-one needs.’ But the innovative technology used in SteakChamp for taking the temperature and most of all the resulting perfect steaks have won me over.”

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