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July 2012. Looking back. We have grilled, fried, and tried around 650 steaks. At least. On the charcoal grill, on the gas grill, in the frying pan, in the oven, thick pieces and thin pieces. Bone-in and bone-out. We took fresh meat, dry-matured meat and vacuum-matured meat. Meat from Germany, Ireland, Argentina, and the USA. We worked with very high temperatures over 650 degrees, at low temperatures, and with variable heat zones. We have cooked steaks forwards and backwards. Often we used a whole battery of testing instruments with sensors inside the meat and around, with technology for documentation and as a basis for continuous product improvement.

We took our SteakChamps to star-awarded kitchens where they were tested for several days. We were guests and testers for SteakChamp in “sacred areas” of top restaurants, in Germany and in the US. We listened, learned by watching, and heard good advice. The Grill & BBQ World Champion (2011) assisted us with his expertise. Steak freaks, amateur chefs, and weekend-grillers; the range of testers couldn’t have been wider. We discussed matters with scientists and meat experts of renowned German institutes and sought their advice in measurement technology and methods for chemical and physical cooking processes.

And last but not least we adapted and optimized the design of our product with growing enthusiasm and tested it again and again. Our developers, technicians, and engineers, who come from high-tech industries, then implemented what we found was necessary to produce the perfect steak.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all persons involved in the process, who gave their knowledge and creativity, their enthusiasm, and carnal love to this project.

SteakChamp is a product of TecPoint GmbH Wolfratshausen near Munich.

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