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What is this red thing for?

The “red thing” is the activator. It serves two important purposes:

The SteakChamp becomes activated when inserted into the activator mold. The LED flashes briefly every 8 sec.
steakchamp einschalten | steakchamp ausschalte
The curved side of the activator helps to pull the SteakChamp from the cooked steak.
steakchamp red thing

When does the SteakChamp switch off?

The device switches off automatically if the temperature does not rise within 30 minutes by at least 5°C/40°F. You can activate it again at any time (with a magnet).

What if I would like to cook several steaks at the same time?

You have friends round for a meal and want to cook several steaks of similar thickness?
One SteakChamp is all you need as a reference because the steaks reach their degree of doneness at the same time.

How do I best clean SteakChamp?

Ideally right after using it. Depending on the degree of soiling: Usually it will suffice to wipe the SteakChamp with a damp cloth. If necessary, rinse with warm water (maybe use one drop of soap). Do not put it in a dishwasher.

How does SteakChamp determine the core area temperature?

SteakChamp uses high-precision, intelligent measuring electronics, which take the core area temperature of the meat through integrated temperature measurements along large parts of the metal probe, and intelligently process them. (Most commonly available meat thermometers have one temperature sensor located at its tip and only measure the heat at one point. This comes with a certain risk, for single tiny measuring points inside a steak may deviate from the average.)

When should I use SteakChamp?

Always use the SteakChamp to cook a perfect steak to your desired degree of doneness – whether on the grill or in the pan. The SteakChamp 3-color can show three degrees of doneness: medium rare, medium and medium well

Why do I need a device to measure the core area temperature?

Depending on the thickness and volume of the steak, and in particular depending on the kind of heat source you use, the time to reach the desired degree of doneness can vary considerably. A 1-inch steak to be cooked “rare” might be ready after 6–8 minutes on high heat, while a 2-inch bone-in steak might take 20 to 30 minutes to become medium on medium or low heat. With SteakChamp you’ll never miss your desired doneness again!

Who determines the right core area temperature for a certain degree of doneness?

There is no “official” table for degrees of doneness. Among authors, professionals, and experts worldwide a range of recommended core area temperatures exists. The SteakChamp 3-color is based on the following values:

medium rare = 120-125°F (50-52°C)
medium = 135-140°F (58-60°C)
medium well = 149-153°F (65-67°C)

If a steak has reached this temperature in its core area after the resting phase, we consider it “perfect”.


It is all up to you. Try out the different ways to prepare a steak! It is not hard, after all.

ON THE GRILL: Ideally, prepare two heat zones. Sear each side of the steak for about 1–2 minutes at high heat (about 250-350°C / 480–650°F) until you get nice markings, then move to medium-low heat (120-200°C / 250 to 400°F) and leave it there until the SteakChamp starts signaling double flashes.

IN THE FRYING PAN: Sear each side of the steak for about 1–2 minutes at the highest heat until nicely browned. Then reduce the temperature to about one-third and continue to cook the meat in the pan or move it….

TO THE OVEN: There, continue to cook it at 80-120°C / 175–250 °F, until the double flash signal appears on the SteakChamp. (Please note: the lower the cooking temperature, the longer you must keep the steak in the oven. Plan your time accordingly.)

How does the resting phase work?

Every steak that is removed from the heat source continues to cook inside for a while. This is due to the physical effect called “conduction”. It means that the hotter outer zones of the meat will continue to conduct heat into the still cooler core area zone. Roughly you can say that the “rarer” the current state of doneness, the bigger the effect of the resting phase. A steak might move up one or even two degrees of doneness during this phase. The SteakChamp and its measuring electronics take this physical effect into account. THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE: When the desired flash signal color appears, remove the steak from the heat. When the double flash signal stops, the steak has reached the perfect core area temperature.

May I use the SteakChamp directly on the fire or embers?

SteakChamp can be used on the grill to prepare steaks even at very high temperatures (350°C / 660°F, for short periods even up to 500°C / 900°F). Use a surface thermometer to determine the temperature at the grates, which is what counts.

Can I use SteakChamp on a SizzleZone/infrared burner?

No. Infrared burners can generate temperatures of more than 800°C (1472°F). SteakChamp should not be exposed to such extreme heat.
But: This is how you can still work with the SizzleZone and SteakChamp:

  1. Put the meat (without SteakChamp) on the SizzleZone infrared burner and sear it quickly on both sides, about 1–2 minutes each.
  2. Subsequently, insert SteakChamp into the meat.
  3. Continue to cook the steak at low temperatures (max 660°C (1220°F), we recommend 250–350°C (480–660°F) until done.

How can I choose my individual degree of doneness with SteakChamp?

You can easily adjust your personal “perfect” degree of doneness with SteakChamp. If for example your steak comes out too cooked for you in medium, and too rare in medium rare, you have the following option: When the green double flash signal appears, don’t remove the steak immediately from the heat, but add another minute on the grill or in the pan. This is how you will get your personal “medium rare plus.”

Which meat should I buy?

Buy only high-quality beef of traceable origins. Ideally, the meat has matured dry for several weeks before being sold. Buy according to the motto “quality not quantity.”

How often should I turn the steak?

If you like nice grill marks (rhombs or lattices) on your steak, then turn it three times, that is putting it in two positions on each side. If you like your steak cooked very evenly and as fast as possible, turn it every 1-2 minutes. This is a scientific fact not only found.

For further information about this topic please follow these links:

Myth #4: “Only flip your steak once!”

Is SteakChamp only for beef?

SteakChamp is programmed for cooking temperatures of beef steaks. It is technically suited also for other kinds of meat, like lamb, duck breast, game (loin) or fish. When preparing other kinds of meat, you should also keep in mind the minimum volume of the piece of meat with which SteakChamp can be used (see instructions for use). Please also note that other kinds of meat (e.g. lamb or venison) may have other recommended core area temperatures than a beef steak.

Can I also prepare large pieces with SteakChamp?

SteakChamp is also suited for preparing “whole” or “big” pieces, like a whole roast beef, a tri tip or a rib roast.

Which degree of doneness is recommended?

Find out what works best for you! Leading steakhouses around the world serve steaks – except when you order something else – cooked to medium rare doneness. A steak that is cooked longer (e.g. medium well) is no longer as juicy and therefore loses some of its flavors in comparison to a steak cooked to medium rare doneness.

Can I replace the battery?

The SteakChamp is equipped with advanced exceptionally energy-saving LED technology and therefore uses very little power. If you keep to the instructions for use, you can use SteakChamp at least 1,000 times. Battery replacement is not possible.

How do I dispose of SteakChamp?

SteakChamp is an electronic device containing a lithium battery and should not be disposed with household waste. Please dispose of this device at an appropriate recycling station for electronic devices and appliances. The device will then be recycled and its materials re-used.

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